Karlovac, 09th April 2005.


a) It is necessary to establish one unique youth organization which could represent interests of all young people, since the problems are universal, no matter to which political option or opinion they belong.

b) Society and Government must recognize the specific needs of young people and they have to do maximum efforts to accomplish those needs. Young people seek and deserve a chance, and society must enable them that.

c) It is necessary to make a stronger connection between Croatians both in Croatia and all around the world, and in that sense also more qualitative work of Government representatives abroad.

d) The youth’s voice must be heard! To enable that, it is important to increase the number of young people in the government authorities, on local as well as on state level. Also, it is very necessary that young people have at least 3 (three) members in the HRT Council.

e) Croatia must be built as legal country, and that’s why young people are supporting the competition of capability, and not applicability. The fight against bribe and corruption is state’s priority and interest of all of us, and especially interest of the youth.

f) Qualitative education and European standards in science are the priorities on which the future depends on.

g) To prevent the sell off of national values like for example Slovenia did.

h) In Croatia is present inappropriate bureaucracy which is seen in too big number of tribal states, cities and communes. We are pleading for determining standards and also for obeying those standards.

i) Accelerating the process of young people’s employment.

j) The formation of necessary work conditions, and the competent Ministry but also bodies of local self-management and management should take care on that.

k) Europe need youth and smart. There is no doubt that Croatia needs them even more…