Accomplishment of total unity of homeland and emigrated Croatia are the directives on which Croatia has to go in order to get out of big moral and economic crisis in which Croatia is at the moment situated. – this was concluded on the First Senate of Croatian Diaspora in Porec.

Croatian emigrants as the most sensitive part of national being are aware of problems in which Croatia is and they want to be the participant of it’s recovery., and after that also of it’s prosperity. We have a wonderful country, with lots of natural beauties and natural resources, and the most important thing that we need is intellect which is led by love for it’s homeland (and not by the interest of foreign capital) and the money that will be directed towards development, and not towards consumption. Croatian emigrants have all this, and they are just like in 1991. ready to put themselves in process of accomplishment of national improvement and existence of Croatian country.

Unfortunately, the actions of Croatia politics and Government authorities related to emigration are still showing certain reserve, because there are no necessary assumptions which would lead to more active and more comprehend incorporation of Croatian Diaspora into national economics. Although nowadays authorities are showing certain will and wish to move things from the “dead point” in which they have fallen behind in the process of criminal transformation and misuse of the Croatian emigrants’ money, still on the horizon of the ship that leaks, the mainland isn’t visible.

Briefly, pessimism is the main characteristic of an average Croatian inhabitant who still doesn’t live in a dignified way. A pessimist, unfortunately, is not capable for larger changes, because he simply doesn’t have a vision. Croatian Diaspora has that vision, because she perceives on the whole problems and knows which steps should be taken in order to change some things. And with those things, also the mood temper would be changed. From the moment when optimism changes pessimism, we will be able to say that we are on a good way to get out of this abysm.

The First Assembly of Croatian Diaspora has clearly and certainly determined lines of direction which way to go and which strokes to take in order to create necessary suppositions for universal engagement of Croatian emigrants into economic processes in the country. Those conclusions, unfortunately, aren’t realized, and The First Senate of Croatian Diaspora was the one who called attention on that fact, and also he ascertained that almost nothing has been changed in relations towards Croatian emigration community which is furthermore being ignored in political, moral and every other point of view. So we are raising our voice and saying: Enough!!! Selling off of the family silver to foreigners, profitable and nationally important economic subjects like INA, HEP etc. must be stopped, and Croatian Diaspora finally must be accepted as a complete and indivisible part of national being. We must protect Croatia from the ones who live of her, and not for her. In that sense we have the right to expect that this Government will finally begin to se and will recognise that Croatian emigrants are a very logical answer on the question: ‘’How to move on?’’… With Croatian emigrants we have future, we have strength and we have power. Without them we are convicted on slavery to suspicious capital which buys anything that can be bought, turning us into servants in our own country. Indeed, country’s and society’s future are at least questionable, the society in which the question of serving public goods trough political sphere – is actually a question of personal, and not common interest.

Country in which bad representative is more appreciated than a good entrepreneur – is seriously sick. The worst thing is that she’s not even aware of that fact. A huge bureaucratic administration has been made with 426 communes and 26 tribal states which have became purpose for themselves. Almost like middle ages feudalistic men, the time which is good for individuals, and it’s bad for the nation. However, the condition in which country is at the moment is still not so comatose or incurable. All that is necessary is to have good will and to take off blind men’s glasses, throw away the stick and simply – look trough. We don’t need a miracle for that – what we need it intellect. And we do have intellect, just, the problem is that we aren’t listening to her. And if we firmly hold to our Diaspora, we won’t even tumble, nor fall. We will walk upright and we’ll preserve our personal and national pride.

Several times this Club which articulates Croatian emigrants’ being, has tried to draw Government authority repository’s attention on that facts, by pointing on problems and offering solutions. Everything for the interest of our the only one homeland Croatia. Nobody wanted to hear that voice, the voice was drowned into the sea of the crying ones who were trying to say – let’s move Croatia! But, we aren’t working in a way to stumble her down the steep…. We have to help her as much as we love her, as much as we need her as a homeland and as a mother. In that sense we are repeating our suggestions that we send to the Government and the Parliament of Republic of Croatia as our view of steps that should be taken in order to – move Croatia. Those suggestions are:

Territorial reorganization of Republic of Croatia which will have 4 tribal states, and the criteria for getting a city or township’s status will be European, and not in the function of social care for unemployed cadres according to political criteria.

Judiciary, police, army and governmental authorities should be liberated from political and party’s belonging. In those services should work professionals, and not political oriented obedients.
In Croatia legislative, court and legal powers should be separated and those mainstays of authority should function by their authorities, based on Constitution and Laws.
State strategy of fighting against bribe and organized crime should be brought, and the most capable and top-quality cadres should be involved in this strategy. Bribe and corruption are the greatest society’s evil, and they have to be estimated as like that, and strategy and cadres have to be ready for its spreadness.
The sale of national wealth should be stopped until a new Law for privatization is brought.
New Law for Diaspora should be brought on the example of Ireland and Israel.
Croatian emigration community has to be informed about all relevant happenings in the country trough media, which will be accessible to everyone (HTV, Radio, Internet etc.). Croatian men have inalienable right for correct and objective information about all questions
considering the Republic of Croatia (except the ones that have been declared as State secret).
The participation of authentic members of Croatian Diaspora in Croatian Parliament must be assured in that way that 10% of all representatives are chosen from Croatian emigrants.
A new Law for privatization should be brought, a Law who will enable to Croatian citizens that their right to the national wealth that they had created is acknowledged.
That Croats from homeland and from foreign countries have a legal right to be the first ones to buy economic subject in the process of sale that is privatization of all economic subjects (and especially the ones that are important for national interest) so that we could keep national wealth in our hands.
To bring Law by whom crime (if it has been made in the process of transformation) does not expire.
To bring general urbanist plan for complete Republic of Croatia, as well as for four (4) tribal states – which should be their maximal number.
To engage expert police and financial services (national as well as international) in order to find out the ways of taking away of the money out of the country and to ensure legal and other suppositions to bring that money back in country.
To define comparative Croatian country’s advantages (ecological agriculture, advanced type of health tourism and to put an accent on nautical country’s orientation with special review on shipbuilding and in that sense also an accent on sports type of boats).
To bring development strategy for Croatia in the first 20 years and next 50 years.
To accomplish that politics becomes honour and not the mean for accomplishment of personal interests.

That moral and moral standard become the basic standard of men’s value.

We’re asking Croatian Government to start the process trough Government and the Parliament of Republic of Croatia in order that previously mentioned suggestions become the basic way on which Croatia is supposed to go. Croatian Government that goes on that way will have homeland and emigrated Croatian’s support. She will have moral and material help and support of the entire Croatian nation and his friends in Croatia and in the whole world.

At the same time, we want to use the opportunity to say thanks to all Croatian patriots from the whole world who from different reasons weren’t able to come and to take part in Senate, but on the other hand, have enrich Senate’s content with their proposals and suggestions. We give a special thanks to everyone who had spent their money and time to take an active part in the work of Senate. With their work, they had ensured that the Senate has been very successful.

Thanks to all members of Croatian Nation in homeland and in foreign countries. And we are sending to all of you the next message – Croatia is our country and we must take care for her.
For Croatia - forver!!!

Croatia, Porec, 09th May 2004.