Croatian National Committees are Assembly’s independent working bodies. They are national Teams, which gather enthusiasts and the best experts of different profiles of interests, and they direct towards solving the concrete problems related to some society segments. Each Committee works on one activity, and the Assembly’s members can at the same time participate in work of several Committees. Initiative is global and it includes all well doers who are bounded by roots and heart with Croatia and its nation. Every Committee has it’s own concrete assignment and it brings plan based on that assignment. The Committee uses all available knowledge and ranges of homeland and emigrated part of Croatia. Information circulate trough Assembly’s structure, they are being complemented and corrected till the moment of finally adjustment. Therefore, as a finished product, the project of maximal national quality and strength comes out. This project is being adjusted and finished off in cooperation with system institutions.

The Committees are mutually complementing.

The Croatian World Assembly tries to organize itself in all bigger world cities and thus unite intellectual and material powers, and healthy forces of domestic origin on the assignment of preserving and progressing society relationship, economic, nation’s status and standards. Committees’ programs are in the process of enlarging all the time. Often, if a necessity has been noticed, new Committees are being established.

We can also with pride, remember and take into consideration the creators of the idea that we are taking over:

Deceased Prof. dr. Žarko Dolinar (Switzerland); dr. Srdan Bill, dr. Petar Kružic and Loza Branko (Germany); Jadranka Matešic, dr. John Kraljic and dr. Mario Viscovich (USA); Rudi Tomic (Canada); dr. Luka Budak, Denis Valcich and Branko Cubelic (Australia); Suzanne Pincevic (New Zeland); Gajo Bulat (Argentina) and academician Zvonimir Baletic, Prof. dr. Juraj Plenkovic and engineer Zdenko Rajgl from Croatia.

Competent Ministries are included in work of every Committee.

We emphasize that Croatian World Assembly is an opened type of nonpolitical association and as that kind of association gives chance to all those who want to take part in it’s work. No matter what kind of antagonism might try to separate us, if we work from the position of sincerely patriotism, the interests and goals are common.