Which took place on 18th to 20th July 2003.

In Hotel «Parentium»
In organization of the Club

Homeland and emigrated Croatian youth is unique in estimation that the existing situation of young men in western societies is exposed to assimilated pressures which are leading to alienation from nation, and homeland is taking very small measures to prevent that.
Relations towards youth from is similar to relations of homeland towards Diaspora generally, i.e. there is a question of systematic neglecting of it’s needs and also there is a question of unused it’s material, economic and cultural-scientific potentials in mutually interest.
Number of young people included to processes of decision-making in the country is not even approximately similar to their numerousness in the complete number of living population, so that the voice of the youth is not heard, and even if it is heard than it is in question as a part of some party’s politics, and not the essential need of youth generally.
Republic of Croatia must find the models in order to prevent young and educated personnel departing the country, since here is the problem of permanent intellectual nation impoverishment which will make our common future extremely uncertain.
Young people in emigration are interested in models of return and living in a country of their ancestors and for those processes Croatian country and Government must accomplish the necessary suppositions.
Young people’s needs shouldn’t be turned out trough narrow party’s interests, but trough unique activities on the apolitical positions and trough the institutions of so called civilian society. With regard to that, there is a direct attention for a need to create a unique organization which, with its numerousness, pluralism of ideas and views on the important society questions, with it’s strength and unity, would be a powerful asset for accomplishment of specific young people’s needs.
Young people’s voice is the voice of future, and young people have life and intellectual opportunities to take over the responsibility in society as well as in state. Rule and opposition structures in country must recognize that potential, they also have to open the space for their undisturbed work and they have to include those young people into decision-making processes on all societies level.
It is very important to organize the work of diplomatic-consular missions in a different way, because they should be the connection between the emigration youth and homeland country, while at the same time taking care for the youth’s specific and their needs. It’s necessary to create and realize good quality programs which would enable to strengthen the connection between homeland and emigrated youth, whether trough student exchange, cultural, sports and other activities, or trough organizing summer schools, advanced learning of their native speech and trough greater possibility of using Internet possibilities in order to acquaint young people in the world with the Croatian’s history, cultural and natural beauties.
To take organization and other measures in order to accomplish young people’s uniting on the Croatian and world level, which are based on the conclusions from the 6th point and other Assembly’s conclusions, and International Club of Croatian Emigrants, Returnees and Investors from Diaspora is obligated to coordinate the planed activities.