Prijedlog HSSD Vladi RH

On the basis of the legislation on organizations (Narodne Novine, no. 88/01) the Organization, Croatian World Assembly has brought the following decision at the meeting held on May 11, 2004:







Article 1.


Established by this Statute herein is the name, address and activity of Croatian World Assembly (in further text Organization), its representation, objectives, activities to accomplish goals, achieving the organization of public work, membership and membership fee specification, rights, obligations, disciplinary responsibility of members, internal organization of organization, the body thereof, its structure and members responsibilities, assets and handling thereof with possible gains, mode of   acquiring assets and procedure herewith in case of work cessation.


Article 2.


Full name of Organization: Croatian World Assembly

Abbreviated name of Organization: CWA


Registered office of the Organization is in Porec, ul. Vladimira Gortana 2, Croatia.

The Organization is active in the Republic of Croatia and wider. The Organization has characteristics of a legal entity and is registered as Organization with corresponding public administration office. The Organization is represented by the President of Organization and in his absence by the Vice President of Organization.


Article 3.

In order to achieve better relationships among members and improved operations, the Organization may establish its bodies as structural types to be active in more than one district, municipality, county and state.

Bodies of the Organization operate according to Legislation, Statute and authorizations brought by the Organization.

Set up of Branch offices and operational mode management is regulated by Assembly or the Central Committee of the Assembly.

To act more effectively in different areas of activity, Organization may establish different committees.

Committees are established on the basis of Regulation on operation of the Committee brought by the Assembly of the Organization.




    Article 4.


The Organization has a circular seal 35 mm in diameter with full name in perimeter: Hrvatski Svjetski Sabor (Croatian World Assembly) (in both languages, Croatian and English) and in the middle of the seal there is a world map and the head office address underneath. Organizational sign is in three colors: red, white and blue, suggesting Croatian flag and it is decorated with the garland.

Organization is multinational, multicultural, multi-ethnical, humanitarian, non party, non for profit association consisting of physical and legal entities to protect their rights wit the stress on immigrants, returnees and their successors.


Article 5.


The Organization could establish its branch offices, collaborate and take membership in  similar associations and organizations in the homeland and foreign countries.


Article 6.


Activity of the Organization is public.

Public work ensures timely and accurate information for members.

Media representatives may be present at the Board of Directors meetings of the Organization and inform public about activities of the corresponding bodies of the Organization.

To achieve more complete transparency of public work, Organization may publish its periodical according to regulation on public information.

Decision on issuing the periodical is made by the Management Board.

The Organization, according to need is issuing other means of informing – periodicals, dailies, other publications, bulletins, posters, etc., according to regulations on publishing.





Article 7.


Objective of the Organization is:


To encourage (stimulate) joining of Croatian citizens and their offspring around the Programs of common interest of Republic of Croatia and Croatian nation in the homeland and the world, timely information and stimulation of union with all related organizations and economic subjects inland and in the world when in interest of Republic of Croatia and Croatian nation.

Membership with the international organizations, communication and enhancement of information encouragement among organizations, members and other individuals and organizations.

Introduction of professional and scientific literature originated from Croatia and Diaspora.

Realization of objectives from paragraph 1. of this Article

Organization is realizing objectives by following activities:

Organizing citizens who resided abroad and have returned to Croatia to fulfill their objectives through their activities;

Organizing Croatian citizens and their offspring who live around the globe for easier establishment of investment conditions and their return in Croatia;

Organization of citizens who support Croatian nation in Diaspora through different announcements, discussions and other informative activities related to homeland and world representatives of Croatian nation;

Organizing consultations, lecturing, seminars, congresses, forums and other reunions related to the problems of returning to homeland from the world;

Vocational connections and professional and scientific specialization of members;

Encouragement of students and young experts on researching the subject of return to homeland and Diaspora;

Collaboration with other organizations of same kind or similar and world organization all which supporting activities of the Organization;

Realizing of professional collaboration with domestic and international professional organizations

Publishing professional magazines according to Regulations;

Publishing own periodicals, papers and other literature.





Article 8.


Organizational membership could be regular, passive and honorary. Regular members could be citizens of Republic of Croatia accepting Statute and general acts of Organization and foreign citizens economically active in Croatia or friends of Croatia and Croatian people.

Passive members are members of organization supporting activities of the Organization but without the right to vote.

Honorary members may become Croatian citizens and foreigners who contributed to development of the Organization.


Article 9.


Decision on regular membership is brought by the Board of Directors of Organization as well as the receipt on acceptance of candidates as honorary members.

Decision on acceptance to the honorary membership is brought by the Assembly upon recommendation of the Board of Directors.

The Organization maintains the registrar of members. Regarding registrar’s profile, content and its governance is deciding the Board of Directors of the Organization or corresponding committees as smaller organizational units.


Article 10.


Members rights and obligations


Vote and be elected in the bodies of Organization.

Be informed on Organization and activities of the bodies of Organization and on financial and material management.

Actively participate in implementing objectives of Organization and contribute in realization of its activities.

Give proposals, opinions and remarks on Organizational and bodies’ activities.

Comply with the regulations of this Statute and other general acts of the Organization.

Pay membership fees regularly.

Protect and promote reputation of Organization.


Article 11.


Membership to organization seizes by:

Termination of activity in Organization;

Written statement on membership withdrawal;

Membership cancellation.


Article 12.


Membership may be cancelled if regulations of the Statute are violated, interests of Organization jeopardized or causing serious damage to Organization and its members.

Expelled member has the right to file a complaint with the Assembly whose decision on membership cancellation is final.




Article 13.


Bodies of Organization are:


1. Assembly

2. Director of Assembly

3. Deputy Director of Assembly

4. President of Organization

5. Vice President of Organization

6. Board of Directors

7. Supervisory Board

8. Secretary

9. Treasurer




Article 14.


Assembly is the highest body of Organization and consists of all active members of Organization.

Regular Assembly of Organization is held at least once a year.

In case the Head of Assembly and President of Organization are not calling for Assembly, on request by proposing party from Item 3 of this Article in 30 days from filing a request, the proposing party will reconvine it. At an emergency session of the Assembly only the reason for which Assembly is invited for will be considered.


Article 15.


Assembly is convened by the President of Assembly in written form invitations to members at least 15 days before the conference.

The invitation contains data on place and time of the meeting and agenda proposal.

With an invitation, materials on agenda are provided.


Article 16.


The Assembly of Organization could validly decide in cases of 51% members present at the Assembly.

In case, half of the members are present, the new Assembly is called in the period of 8 days provided that Assembly could bring about a valid decision only if one fourth of Assembly members are present.

Valid decisions are brought by more than half votes by present voters, if not otherwise specified in the Statute.

Decisions on change to this Statute and seizing of Organization activity are brought by the two thirds of the votes by present Assembly members.


Article 17.


Assembly is the highest body of Organization.


Article 18.


The Vice President of Organization is at the same time Chair of Assembly and is responsible for proper operation of the Organization. Vice President and the Chair of Assembly are elected by Assembly upon members’ recommendation of the Board or by recommendation of one third of the members of Organization.

President of Organization is elected for a four year term provided that he/she could be elected more than once consecutively and this is approved by Assembly of Organization.

Vice President could dissolve the Board members before cessation of the mandate in case there are valid reasons and to immediately advise Assembly on decision.

In case the entire Board is dissolved, Assembly is electing a new Board with the mandate and in case only individual Board members are dissolved, then new members are elected up to the termination of regular mandate.

Main Board and each member is responsible for their actions to the President of Organization or Assembly that nominated them.

Every Main Board member may ask to be dissolved from duty before the Mandate term provided he has to perform his duty up to the bringing the decision on the dissolving. The Assembly is obligated to bring decision on dissolving request at their first meeting.


Article 19.


President of Organization represents the Organization in homeland and abroad and is responsible (accountable) for legality of performance of Organization.

President of Organization may have one or more Vice Presidents.

President of Organization is by function member of the Main Board.

President of Organization has right to veto on any Board decisions if established that the same is not in accord with regulations, this Statute and the Codex of Organization.

In case the President of Organization puts veto to decisions, and this is not implemented, possible resolution of noncompliance could be resolved by the Assembly of Organization. The decisions of Assembly are final.

Vice President replaces President in his role during President’s absence.

President of the Organization is at the same time Director of the Main Board of Organization. President of the Main Board governs the Board according to Statute regulations and other Organizational acts. President of Main board governs the Board. Minutes are taken regarding activities of the Main board. Regarding board’s performance, President of the Main board is responsible to the President of Organization.


Article 20.


Main board consists of 7 members elected by Assembly in duration of four years. After the mandate term they may be elected again, once or more times.

Main Board:

Establishes the Statute proposal and its amendments, additions and gives proposal to Assembly. Establishes the proposal and the balance of sheet and gives proposal to Assembly. Submits annual report on to Main Assembly and gives proposal on performance,

Decision on association with international organizations; Decides on enrolling into and canceling memberships;

Decides on the membership fee;

Decides on address change of organization’s head office;

Takes care of informing members and public;

Decides on using Organization assets;

Takes care in founding committees, commissions and other bodies assisting in achieving objectives of the Organization.

Performs all other activities appointed by the Assembly.


The meetings of the Main Board are held according to need. The meeting could be held in case majority of the members of the Main Board are present, and legitimate decisions are brought by the majority of Main Board’s members present.


                                                            Article 21.


The Main Board among its members elects the Board Deputy for the four year term and the Assembly Secretary.

The Main Board may have one of more Deputies.


                                                            Article 22.


Control Board has three members elected by the Assembly for a four year term and they could be reelected.

The member of Control Board could not be a member of the Main Board.

Control board legitimately decides whether majority of its members is fulfilled, and legitimate decisions are brought by the vote of majority of members present. The Head of the Control Board who is elected among the members themselves schedules the Board meetings, runs its work and performs other activities delegated by the Board or Assembly. Members of the Control Board are accountable for their work to the Assembly depending on the level and area Control Board is founded on.


                                                            Article 23.


Control Board examines and overlooks:

Provision application of this Statute and other general acts of the Organization;

Material-financial management and property usage by the Organization;

Decision, conclusion and other legal acts realization;

Performs other activities assigned by the Assembly.


                                                            Article 24.


Control Board has right to carry investigation into any documentation and all data regarding activities and management of the Organization. Main Board and every member of the Organization is obliged without delay to facilitate access into mentioned documentation and data and prepare requested data.

Control Board’s members may be present at the meetings of Main Board and other Organization bodies without decision making privilege.

Control Board has right to call the Board of Directors meeting for any evidence in case irregularities in financial and other business conduct of the Organization are established, or in case of negligence in business performance or Statute violation or other general acts of the Organization.



Article 25.

Article18.regulations of this Statute are applied in case of dismissal of the Control Board or any of its individual members as far as the mode and procedure is concerned.


  Article 26.


Secretary of the Organization:

Prepares the plans on proposal of general acts brought by the Assembly;

Takes care of orderly member registrar schedule;

Takes minutes from the Assembly and Main Board meetings;

Takes care of and keeps the archive of the Organization;

Performs professional and other tasks within requirements by the Main Board.


Article 27.


The Organization’s assets are income from the following sources:

Membership fee;

Governmental assistance;

Donations and grants;

Funds obtained from international organizations supporting work and activities of the Organization;

Funds realized by organizing seminars and lectures and from the publishing activities according to Laws and Regulations;

From other resources according to legislation.


    Article 28.


The Organization manages with its assets according to regulation on financial business conduct of non for profit organizations.

All income and expenditures are established in the financial plan brought for the given calendar year and in effect for the designated year.

At the end of the year for given financial plan a balance of account is made.

President of the Organization has unlimited right with the Organization ownership according to legislation, this Statute and other legislative stipulations and codex of activity and rational Organization management.




    Article 29.


Statute is the basic general act of the Organization and all other general acts have to be in accordance with the provisions of the Statute.

Program of change and additions of the Statute is prepared and established by the Main Board of Directors of the Organization and referred for discussion of the Assembly organization members.

Main Board of the Organization scrutinizes remarks and proposals brought about in a meeting, and takes a stand on them establishing the Statute proposal.


    Article 30.


Directive interpretation of the Statute is done by President and Secretary of the Organization


Article 31.


All  organizational internal and other issues not regulated by the Statute and requiring a detailed analysis will be regulated by general acts brought by the organization Assembly, Main Board of the Organization in case this is within Main Board authority and established by this Statute.




Article 32.


Organization is dissolved by the decision of Assembly and in cases provided by law. In case of cessation of activities, the assets of the Organization will be allocated to a similar Organization.


Article 33.


This Statute is in effect on the day of its establishment and is applied at the time of registration at the respective body of public administration.




                                                                                    President of the Organization:


                                                                                    Niko Soljak, prof. ing.



Porec, May 11, 2004











Authentication/Certification of the Transcript – Photocopy


I, Notary Public, Tanja Ferenc from Porec, Istarskog razvoda 17 certify that this is the transcript of the original document: STATUTE – CROATIAN WORLD ASSEMBLY.

Original document has 10 pages. It was brought here by: SIMICIC MERI, Pazin, Zarecje 27 B.


Notary Public fee according to Tar. No. 11 in the amount of 25.00 kunas is paid.

Notary Public fee calculated according to Article 17. PJBT in the amount of 365.00 kunas and expense in the amount of 6.10 kunas is paid.



Porec, 18.11.2005


Number of authenticated pages: 20


                                                            Notary Public


                                                            Tanja Ferenc

                                                            (Signed and sealed)


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